My Review: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I’m not really a fan of Fantasy, so the nature of my review is probably to be expected.. But what is this book about!? Undoubtedly Gaiman is a gifted storyteller. He is successfully able to weave a complex world anyone would need a site map to track. At some points I could tell he was referring to something that had happened 200 or so pages ago that I vaguely remembered, but not well enough to appreciate the reference. Perhaps that’s precisely the problem - there were so many allusions and allegories - I just had no clue what Gaiman was referring to a lot of the time. I got the basic premise but not why he needed 588 pages to elaborate on it. I think this is the type of book that warrants a second read - when you’re no longer so concerned about where the story is going and what it means that you can sit back and enjoy it.