My Review: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Super quick read - enjoyed it more than I thought I would. While laugh out loud funny in parts, it’s also nothing revolutionary. 

A couple points resonated with me: texting is reducing our comfort with having spontaneous, in-person conversations; online dating services should rebrand as introducing services because their purpose should be to create those initial connections that otherwise wouldn’t happen, not to foster extensive online interaction (his advocacy for overall less screen time is something I think my peer group appreciates).

He writes on the paradox of choice and how having many options tends to lead us to fabricate a fantasy option with all the best qualities from a number of individual options - one that does not actually exist but that will make us feel disappointed when we compare any real option to it.

He writes on passionate love vs. companionate love and why people ever even choose companionate love when passionate love seems so much easier and more fun - tying back into human beings’ basic desire to build and create something meaningful in every aspect of our lives.

I like his analysis of the UX of dating apps.

Noticed some errors in his description of iPhone UI and his Spanish phrases. Also when checking the citations for his research at the back of the book, saw a few references to Wired articles - is this legit academic research?? But that’s all just me being picky. 

Best quote in the book- “For a while Tinder was treated as the solution to a long-standing dilemma facing the online dating industry: How do we make a straight version of Grindr?”