My Review: The End of Average by Todd Rose

Central ideas:

1) The moment the average became normal, the individual became error, and this reverberates throughout our educational system and our workplaces.

2) Disability is the mismatch between the needs of the individual and the service, product or environment offered. We can’t redesign a person, so naturally we should be looking to redesign the system.

3) The context principle states that individual behaviour cannot be explained outside of a specific situation, and the influence of a situation cannot be predicted without reference to the individual experiencing it. We tend to see other people as stable because we are part of their context.

4) Fit creates opportunity. If the environment is a bad match with our individuality, our performance will always be artificially impaired. If we get a good fit with our environment, we will have the opportunity to show what we are truly capable of.

My interpretation: Design for individuality means design for outliers only as far as it is true that we are all outliers. What does customizable design look like?