My Review: Extreme You by Sarah Robb O'Hagan

O’Hagan’s recipe for career success manages to be arrestingly original in the overcrowded space of career self-help. 

The recipe: learn where you shine best, get your best at it, and find a specialized audience that needs it and can afford it.

Her method for achieving the recipe is to take initiative respectfully: first listen to understand your colleagues and the organization, then work to gain your colleagues’ respect on their terms, and then take initiative in a way that is in line with moving forward the organization. 

My main criticism of the book is that O’Hagan fails to acknowledge that many factors are in play within our careers, and not everything is within our control—and often there is more that is not. But I guess there is no point in dwelling on that! :) Also I could have done without the cheesy terminology; please, no more Extreme Self and Extreme Career and Get Out of Line.